A sad beginning to the new school year… :'(

Well sorry AGAIN for the long delay….. I hope you will understand. After coming home from an ” all you can eat” cruise, I couldn’t wait to love on my lonely dogs. Rolling into the driveway, I literally leaped like an extremely flexible ballerina( which is not ever the vision associated with me) to see those beautiful faces.Long story short, the newer of the two dogs was hit by a car and was killed. If I could have a picture of my face when you mention her name it would be depressed and red and wet from the streaming tears. I loved her so much and so did our other dog Shelby who raised her more than me even though they were not related. Whew that was a mouthful! Well that is the reason for the horrific delay and longing of posts. Also I am now in school and have loads of homework already!!!!

I have made a cookie pie( no flour for cupcakes) for those people who hurried Bella while we were gone and rushed to the 24 hour vet office to attempt at saving her. I am so thankful for their big try for a dog they didn’t even know. Keep us in your prayers and I hope to make some cupcakes soon.

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