Painful lesson learned in cupcakes.

Well today I thought that nothing could get any better. I had sold all 4 batches of the “nutty bunny” cupcake. I had business awards coming my way for fastest up n coming enteruprinurer of the year…not. The day started with diliveries. Oh, btw let me tell you that me and my family almost got in a huge accident. I have never been so thankful, thankful that we stopped when we did. The ladies in the two cars were ok, but the cars were thrashed. I also would like to share with you the very simple fact that the cupcake is different for everyone. Ok seriously, all of you have different needs when it comes to being satisfied with the little cake. VERY high maintenance people we are. I think we have all raised the bar on taste since the food network started to catch America’s attention. Ok, let me take you back to where I began…my day. I was finally delivering my last batch ordered from a good and loyal friend and a very wonderful supporter.:) Now this was a special batch, because she was going to take as a gift for an office staff. Imagine if you can the perfect “lookin” cake all whipped up into a frenzy. I had placed them in my special carrying case and I was ready to present the cupcakes. I got out of the car and out came the very excited client with of course, high expectations. After all, I had built them up quite a bit. She reached for the case as to take a highly anticipated peek and the bottom of the case dropped out. I’m sure you can guess that all the cupcakes hit the groud and the ground was covered with drit and PINE NEEDLES! Well, I am making a new order for her but WOW…really?????? I feel exhausted,slightly overwhelmed and excited at the challenge to please, in the way only the perfect cupcake can do. I have discovered this could take me my entire childhood and beyond as I eagerly watch the eyes and expressions of the reciepients who dig in and find there is more to pleasing their taste buds than meets the eye!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kim on August 13, 2011 at 2:49 am

    Well… all I can say is… HAVE A GREAT NON CUPCAKE MAKING CRUISE IN ALASKA!! Relax, and let someone else do the cookin!!

    Have fun my little Hopey!


    Kimmy Lou


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